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Raw Cocoa Butter Crude Prime-Pressed 180G

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Organic Cocoa Butter is a naturally occurring fat in the seed of Theobroma Cacao. After being extracted from the cacao bean, the natural cocoa butter has a rich pleasant chocolatey aroma. The appearance is a characteristic pale yellow to light brownish colour. Natural cocoa butter is known for its high oxidative stability, as a result of it being naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. Natural cocoa butter is a solid at room temperature. 

It is used in several cosmetic formulations including creams, lotions, lip balm, lipsticks e.t.c

Prime pressed cocoa bitter is the fat extracted from good quality cocoa nib commercially, it is free form shell by means of mechanical (hydraulic) pressing. No subsequent refining other than filtration is employed. It's a high quality form of cocoa butter.