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ARIDAN PREKESE PODS (Tetrapleura tetraptera)

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The Tetrapleura Tetraptera plant locally known as Aridan in the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, is a powerful aromatic plant, native to West Africa and mostly found in Nigeria and Ghana. It is used as a spice in soups and other delicacies, also used as medicine, in cosmetics and as dietary supplement.

Below are some of it's medicinal uses;

  • Contraceptive Properties

  •  Management of convulsion

  • Management of Leprosy

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties

  •  Supports the Cardiovascular System 

  • Molluscicidal Properties

  • Dermatological Care

  • Treatment of Hypertension

  • Treatment of Diabetes

  • Supports the Immune System

  • Post-partum Care

  • Wound Healing Properties 

  • Anti-oxidizing Properties

  • Treatment of Asthma

  • 16. Treatment of Schistosomiasis 

  • Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders 

  • Antibacterial Ability 

    This information is for enlightenment purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for professional diagnosis and treatments. Remember to always consult your health care provider before making any health-related decisions or for counselling, guidance and treatment about a specific medical condition.



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