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Acne Spots Blemish Remover Pigment Corrector

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Ingredient: Collagen,Astaxanthin,Etoline Essence

Item Type: Serum

Gender: Unisex

Skin Type: All skin types, dry skin, oily skin , sensitive skin.


NET WT: 30ml/bottle


1. Astaxanthin effectively scavenges oxygen free radicals in cells, enhances cell regeneration ability, maintains body balance and
reduces the accumulation of senile cells, protects cells and DNA health from inside to outside, thus protecting skin health and promoting hair. Growth, anti-aging

2.Etoline is an excellent melanin trap, which integrates tyrosinase, destroys the Dopa reaction process, quickly removes freckles, detoxifies whitening and activates the skin.

3.Collagen contains a large number of polar groups, which is a moisturizing factor and can prevent tyrosine from transforming into melanin in the skin. Therefore, collagen has the functions of natural moisturizing, whitening, wrinkle-proof and freckle-removing.

How to use

1.Take an appropriate amount of essence at your fingertips or palm

2.Apply gentle pressure to the face,

Recommended morning and evening use, twice a day.

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