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Pure Natural Seaweed Extract Increase Skin Elasticity And Keep Skin Tender And White DIY Hand Soap Skin Care Raw Materials

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Product Name: Seaweed Extract


Packaging: Bottled

Storage method: Sealed storage

Product function: Increase skin elasticity and keep skin tender and white

Product Introduction

Seaweed extract is a pure natural marine biological product. All the characteristics come from

this special seaweed itself. It contains alginate, crude protein, vitamins, enzymes and trace


After absorbed by the skin, this kind of nutrition can reduce the surface blood lipid, improve the

hematopoietic function of the surface skin, and has the functions of weight loss, heat

preservation and thickening. Seaweed extract has a wide range of uses. When making DIY skin

care products, adding a small amount of less than 5% can increase the smooth feeling of the

product. In addition, it also contains a large amount of anions, which gives sesmollient anti

wrinkle and anti-aging properties

[Properties]: Slightly brown, slightly transparent and viscous liquid

[Add proportion]: 5-20%

1. Whitening pile water: the utilization rate of sheath construction is 2 ~ 5%.

2. Whitening gel or mask: the usage rate of Jian Jian is 3~5%.

3. Whitening cream: the usage rate is 2~5%.


1. Deep moisturizing: it can increase the quality and quantity of amino Glucosaminoglycan.

2. Whitening: it contains a large number of natural strong Yin and electricity softening factors. Applying it before going to bed can make the skin tender and white.

3. Firmness: biochemical composition of plant seaweed, which has the effect similar to Botox.

4. Protection: rich in trace elements, it can resist free radicals and protect the integrity of skin cells and tissues.

5. Elasticity: promote the growth of cationic metabolic cells towards the lipid layer, make connective tissue continuously proliferate collagen and increase skin elasticity

Seaweed extract is from tropical seaweed (seaweed is a kind of marine plant, which contains alginate solution, polysaccharide, crude protein, a variety of vitamins, enzymes and trace elements. After absorbed by the skin, this kind of nutrition can reduce the surface blood lipid, improve the hematopoietic function of the surface skin, inhibit the skin in vitro, and has the functions of Jian fattening, moisturizing and thickening.) The pure natural seaweed polysaccharide extracted from has excellent moisturizing, moisturizing and antioxidant effects, and the skin feels fresh.

In the skin care cream, it can also significantly improve the rheology of the cream, improve the stability of the cream, and improve the brightness, elasticity and fineness of the cream.

Seaweed extract retains most of the nutritional elements and active ingredients of natural seaweed. Because seaweed has obvious effects on beauty, skin care, hair care and bodybuilding, cosmetics with seaweed active ingredients are more favored by people. Special recommendation: Seaweed beauty products also have excellent oil control effect, can prevent acne and blackhead breeding, some brands of seaweed, cream and so on are mainly for facial skin oil secretion and cleaning and moisturizing.

Physical and chemical indexes:

Appearance: transparent viscous liquid active ingredient content: ≥ 3% pH value: 6 ~ 7

Scope of application: cream, facial cleanser, make-up water, styling gel, shower gel and shampoo

[Formula and preparation]

Marine collagen skin cream 50 grams

1. simple emulsifier 0.5 grams

2. month evening primrose oil 5ML

3。 Hyaluronic acid 1% stock solution 5ml

4. Pure dew or distilled water 32ml

5. Seaweed extract 5ml

6. Vitamin b5 2.5g

Applicable skin: dry and aging skin operation steps:

1。 disinfect Disinfect the operating tools, bottles and cans with 75% alcohol, and prepare them after the alcohol volatilizes completely, so as not to cause alcohol allergy.

2。 Mix the simple emulsifier and evening primrose oil evenly and set aside.

3。 Add provitamin B5 and seaweed extract. Add 1% stock solution of hyaluronic acid into pure dew and stir evenly 4. Slowly pour the aqueous solution in the 3 step into the oil solution in the 2 step, stirring slowly on one side, and forming the cream for about 30 seconds. Keep stirring until the cream is fine.

Shelf life: use up within 1 month and store in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.

Seaweed after sun curing gel:

Seaweed extract 5ml allantoin 0.1g

Provitamin b51g glycerol 5ml

Simple gel 5g antibacterial agent 0.2ml chamomile pure dew 32ml

Efficacy: it is used for repairing and nursing after sunburn. It has the functions of calming, soothing, moisturizing and astringent pores

Seaweed Slimming Cream:

Jojoba oil 2ml simple emulsifier 2ml pure water 80ml

Seaweed extract 2ml glycerol 2ml

Antibacterial agent 0.5ml grapefruit essential oil 15d

Note: the density of grease is different from that of water, so 100ml oil is not 100g, but basically 80g-90g. All kinds of oils are different.