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100% High Quality Grade Black Maca Root

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100% High Quality Special Grade Black Maca Slice
Marca, (Spanish: Maca). Mainly produced in the Andes of South America and Lijiang of Yunnan Province, China, it is a cruciferous plant. The leaves are oval, the rhizome is like a small round radish, edible, it is a pure natural food, rich in nutrients. The hypocotyls of Maca may be golden or yellowish, red, purple, blue, black or green. Light yellow roots are the most common, with the best shape and taste. Maca is rich in high unit nutrients, which can nourish and strengthen the body. Black Maca is recognized as the best Maca with little output. Maca is native to high-altitude mountain area, suitable for growing in high-altitude, low latitude, high temperature difference between day and night, slightly acid sandy soil and sunny land; the planting area is mainly distributed in the Andes mountains of South America and Yulong Snow Mountain Area of Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China, which have a large area of suitable land. There are also a small amount of planting in other areas of Yunnan, Xinjiang and Tibet. Maca can be soaked for drinking. Maca is very convenient. Black gold root Maca slice can be soaked for 3-4 times. After soaking, it can be eaten directly. Five major uses of Maca are as follows:

  • Anti fatigue; 100% High Quality Special Grade Black Maca has a high content of iron, protein, amino acid, mineral zinc, taurine and other components, which can obviously resist fatigue, enhance muscle endurance, resist sports fatigue, help strengthen the immune system, enhance the body's resistance to disease, resist fatigue, enhance energy and physical strength, and improve anemia symptoms.
  • Increase sperm quality. Nutrients in natural herbs can effectively improve the number and activity of sperm, making men ejaculate strongly and powerfully, with a longer range. Strong improve men's sexual ability, make penis stronger and hotter, glans bigger and fuller.
  • Replenish your strength. Because 100% High Quality Special Grade Black Maca Slice is born in the barren plateau, it can only grow with high energy. Because of its growth environment and characteristics, it can quickly supplement physical strength to eliminate fatigue and restore energy. It is also a few qualified rapid physical strength enhancers that have passed the drug test.
  • Improve impotence and premature ejaculation. Rich in protein amino acids, polysaccharides, minerals and their unique bioactive substances, such as margarine and margaramide, can effectively shorten the reaction time, rapidly erect, improve the hardness of erectile, and completely improve the symptoms of impotence and premature ejaculation.
  • Improve sleep. Maca can effectively improve anxiety and neurasthenia caused by stress.

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