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100% Natural Camellia Oil China Rich In Vitamins Good Weight Loss Effect Increase Skin Elasticity Remove Wrinkles

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 Product Name: Camellia oil


Packaging: Bottled

Storage method: Sealed storage

Product function: Skin care

Wrinkle removal: apply 3-5 drops of camellia oil evenly to the fine lines such as the corners of the eyes. After some mothers have babies, there will be pregnancy lines on their stomachs, which will not look good. When the magic weapon comes, take a small amount of it and rub it on the pregnancy lines, massage gently, and stick to it for a long time, which can make the pregnancy lines less and less.

Skin care: take a small amount of it and rub it on the skin directly, and absorb the pure natural ingredients into the skin through massage, which can make the skin full of luster and q-bounce.Direct drinking: adhere to 5ml of tea oil in the morning and evening, which can effectively regulate metabolism, balance mechanism, reduce disease, but not drink too much.

Weight loss: it can prevent constipation. Before breakfast every day, drink 5ml of tea oil on an empty stomach. It is better to drink with honey together. It can effectively improve the excretion function of human body. The effect of weight loss is very ideal. Girls who want to lose weight can try it.

Hair care: tea oil contains natural saponin, which has the functions of moisturizing, moistening and hair care. After shampoo, apply proper amount of tea oil and massage gently, the hair will become smooth, bright and hair loss.

Treatment of trauma: apply appropriate amount of tea oil to the affected area, which can treat scald, dermatitis, eczema and prevent chapped. It is a good medicine for treating trauma.

Note: the density of grease is different from that of water, so 100ml oil is not 100g, but basically 80g-90g. All kinds of oils are different.