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Pure Nature Organic White Mulberry Bark Extract (Morus Alba Extract ) Removes Keratin Softens Whitening Skin Care Raw Material

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Product Name: White Mulberry Bark Extract


Packaging: Bottled

Storage method: Sealed storage

Product function: Accelerate metabolism and exfoliate

It blossoms in March-April and bears fruit in May-June. The mature fruit is purple-black,which is called mulberry. ExtractThe rhizome,

which is washed, peeled and dried, becomes the "mulberry white skin"of Chinese Yao medicinal materials.

Its ingredients contain fragrance.Legumes, Alfalfa balsam.Common functionsMulberry is not only a beautiful ornamental plant, its fruit, roots, bark and leaves can be used as medicine for people.Mulberry is rich in vitamins, fructonic acid, glucose, etc.

It can be adjusted.Digestive system, pre-f high x-pressure and other effects; mulberry white peel can benefit niao, reduce lung qi and Q lung coughIn cosmetic maintenance, mulberry extract can promote the differentiation of epidermal cells and accelerate angular metabolism.And exfoliate, to achieve the effect of soft white skin, while MULBERRY WHITE extract can be tender white, XInflammation,moisturizing.


on extract of mulberry bark:

Appearance:Water soluble

extract part: pure natural plant whitening ingredients of bark and leaves, can be used.Make skin refreshed by ultraviolet radiation. Containing phenolic flavonoids can make it dark.Gradually, the skin became brighter and brighter.


10%Chamomile Care

Cosmetic Water (100m1)Formula materialChamomile Dew

70m1+Lavender Dew 10m1+Silk Protein 2g+Mulberry Bark Extract5 M1 + liquorice

extract 5 M1 + 5 drops of antimicrobial agentAllocation steps(1) Fully mix

chamomile dew 70 M1 + Lavender dew 10 M1(2) Add 5 M1 of

mulberry bark extract and 5 M1 of liquorice extract to mix well.(3) After Z, add

silk protein 2G and mix thoroughly, the mulberry white skin delicate care

lotion will be completed.(4) If you want

to add compound antimicrobial agent, Please add 3 drops after Z to mix well.Usage methodAfter washing the face, take appropriate amount of moisturizing the whole face, then use emulsion or cream.

DIY Whitening Lotion

1. Ursolin or mulberry peel extract (sensitive)Skin)10cc2. 10 cc 1%

aqueous solution of hyaluronic acid3. glycerin 5cc 4 antimicrobial

agent 0.25ccChamomile or Rose Water 75c

Note: the density of grease is different from that of water, so 100ml oil is not 100g, but basically 80g-90g. All kinds of oils are different.