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Wheat Germ Oil, Strong Antioxidant, Scavenging Free Radicals, Promoting Metabolism, Delaying Aging And Repairing Scars

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Product Name: Wheat germ oil


Packaging: Bottled

Storage method: Sealed storage

Product function: Promote metabolism and delay aging

Plant germ is the germinating part of seeds and the source of plant life. Wheat germ is also an essential part of wheat nutrition. Wheat germ oil is made from wheat germ by pressing or solvent extraction. It contains abundant vitamin E. In natural food, wheat germ contains a lot of vitamin E. It is well known that vitamin E can protect cucurbitacin, vitamin A, vitamin B, pituitary gland, sex hormones and fatty acids from damage by oxygen. If the human body lacks vitamin E, the life span of red blood cells will be shorter, a variety of amino acids can not be used, the pituitary gland, adrenal gland and gonad in the human body can not produce hormones.

It is a very powerful antioxidant, which can eliminate free radicals, promote metabolism, delay aging, reduce scars caused by injury or surgery, and also reduce the traces left by whelk on the face; it is an antioxidant, so as to add a little wheat germ oil to it, it can extend the essential oil for one to two months. Preservation period.

Note: the density of grease is different from that of water, so 100ml oil is not 100g, but basically 80g-90g. All kinds of oils are different.