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Calendula Extract, Whitening, Antioxidant, Anti-Aging, Dispel Skin Inflammation,Pure Natural,Best Price

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Product Name: Calendula extract


Packaging: Bottled

Storage method: Sealed storage

Product function: Manual skin care raw materials

INCI Name: Calendula Extract

Appearance: Brown liquid

Golden cap, also known as golden cap grass, golden cap chrysanthemum, annual herbs, Asteraceae dicotyledones plants, with anti-hairy and anti-bacterial effects, often used in the production of eczema, skin inflammation and other soft tone components. Calendula extract oil can relieve inflammation and swelling of sensitive skin.

Anti-allergy, elimination of edema, oil control is his role.

Instructions: Cream or sunscreen products: recommended usage rate is 5%.

Cream and lotion: it is recommended to join 3~8%.

Essence solution: 5-8% is recommended.

Hair products: recommended to add 5%.

Moisturizing lotion: add 3-8% to the discussion.

Gel or mask: discuss adding 5 fly%.

Gelatin, emulsion and make-up water can be made directly by gel forming agent or simple emulsifier.

Note: the density of grease is different from that of water, so 100ml oil is not 100g, but basically 80g-90g. All kinds of oils are different.