100% Raw Unrefined Organic African Shea Butter From Ghana

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100% Virgin Unrefined Raw African Shea Nut Butter - 270 G| 9.5 OZ100% Virgin Unrefined Raw African Shea Nut Butter - 227g Raw Unrefined Shea Butter contains high concentrations of fatty acids and anti-oxidants that mop up free radicals that cause skin aging. It is an ideal ingredient for deeply moisturizing and softening skin including dry and chapped skin. Shea Butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, making it very useful in the treatment of skin blemishes including acne. Using raw organic Shea butter on your body, especially your face, can condition, tone, soothe and give your skin a luxuriously smooth and velvety feel. This unrefined raw Shea Butter can be used to make various D.I.Y skin and hair care products, including body butters, soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners.

DIRECTION FOR USE: Put a small amount on hand (starts to melt on contact with skin) and rub between both palms, apply twice daily on skin. Part hair (wet or dry), massage onto the scalp and run hands through hair to the tip. It can also be applied more frequently on very dry areas of the skin. D.I.Ys: When melting for D.I.Ys, use the double-boiling method in order to preserve all natural ingredients and have a more nourishing product. Direct heating breaks the vital natural chemical compounds including vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

DOUBLE-BOILING: Measure the desired quantity into a glass bowl, add water to a pot up to 1/4 full and place on stove to boil, then place the glass bowl containing the Shea Butter in the pot with hot water. Leave until all the butter melts and remove glass bowl from hot water.Good for clearer and softer skin

  • 100% raw unrefined virgin Shea butter rich in nourishing vitamins and Alphahydroxy acids (AHAs) for skin repair and abundant in minerals for hair conditioning.
  • Traditionally extracted from the nuts of locally grown, non-GMO Shea trees from native farms in West Africa; with no chemicals or additives.
  • Packaged with light-reflecting white jars to maintain high quality and protect from damages that may result from exposure to sunlight and inconsistencies in storage temperature. Xclusiv Organics Raw Shea Butter is packaged in small batches for best quality. This is not a private label mass production Shea butter. It is smooth and not grainy. Semi-solid at room temperature but melts on your hand and skin.
  • Good for clearer and softer skin, soothes sunburn, has the ability to lock in moisture and prevent skin dehydration. Suitable for dry, sensitive and normal skin, Restores skin elasticity and reduces stretch marks.
  • Effective for smoothening cracked and flaked skin, Reduces razor bumps, Free of parabens, sulfates, and petroleum. Can be applied to all skin types.
  • Has the ability to lock in moisture and prevent skin dehydration
  • Suitable for DIY Skincare products
  • Free of parabens, alcohol, sulfates, and petroleum.


This product information is provided for educational purposes ONLY and not to be substituted for a medical prescription or advise.

This product is sourced from West Africa. No chemical was used in its extraction from Shea nuts.

No forced child labour was involved in the cultivation of this product.