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Pure Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder Pharma Grade Hair Treatment

Pure Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder Pharma Grade Hair Treatment

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Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder High Quality Hair Treatment 100-1000g

Keratin hydrolysate can be widely used as a nutrient, which can be absorbed by the skin and improve the water-holding capacity of the skin's stratum corneum; it is made into hair lotion with vitamin B (Riboflavin) and proline, which has protective, weight-increasing and conditioning effects on hair ; Used in perm, can relieve the damage of chemical agents to the hair.

Hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed hair keratin. The main role of hydrolyzed keratin in cosmetics and skin care products is a moisturizer and hair conditioner, which is relatively safe, and hydrolyzed keratin is not acne-causing.
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