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Tranexamic Acid Powder 150g Cosmetic Grade High Quality D.I.Y Skincare Ingredient Spot Remover

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Tranexamic Acid Powder Cosmetic grade High Quality Skincare Ingredient Spot Remover

Tranexamic Acid is a kind of protease inhibitor, can inhibit protease catalysis of peptide bond hydrolysis,
thus to prevent such as inflammatory protease enzyme activity, thereby inhibiting the black parts ofthe skin cell function disorder, and suppress the melanin enhancement factor group, completely cut off again because ultraviolet light to form a way of melanin.Which does not thicken, expand and increase the black spot, which can effectively prevent and improve pigmentation of the skin.

Whitening effect:
Clinical studies for years have proved that tranexamic acid can dilute spot effectively and rapidly, which helps to demonstrate a perfect white and bright skin.

The spot-removing effect of tranexamic acid is about 50 times over Vitamin C, and 10 times over AHA. The concentration limit of usage is 2%-3%, and in cosmetics the amount is around 0.5%.